Personal training

Why Personal Training?

At ikigai emotionalfit, we understand that wellness is a journey that involves mind, body and spirit. That's why we've created our Personal Training service, specifically designed to align with our MHFN Method. Here, you will find a comprehensive approach that fuses mindset, healthy habits, physical strengthening and conscious nutrition to offer you an effective and lasting transformation.

More than a workout, a revolution in your comprehensive well-being.

Benefits of Personal training

Discover how our unique methodology can elevate your well-being to a new level

Entrenamiento personal - Ikigai

Personalized Approach

Each training plan is designed to meet your personal needs and goals.

Integral wellness

We not only work on your physical condition, but we also encourage a positive mindset and healthy lifestyle habits.

Constant Monitoring

Enjoy the continuous support of a trainer specialized in the MHFN Method.

Lasting results

Thanks to our comprehensive methodology, the changes are not only effective but also long-lasting.

Nutricion Consciente con Ikigai Emocionalfit

Conscious Nutrition

Learn how nutrition affects your performance and well-being, and how to make smarter food choices.

Flexibilidad de programación para tus ejercicios - Ikigai

Programming Flexibility

We adapt to your pace of life. With multiple options for schedules and modalities (in-person or online), you can easily integrate your training into your daily life.

Questions frequent

After an initial evaluation, we design a program that fits your needs, fitness level and goals.

We do not believe in strict diets, but we do believe in conscious nutrition. We will provide you with guidelines to make healthier food choices.

No, our program is designed to suit all levels, from beginners to advanced athletes.

We always recommend consulting a doctor before starting any training program. We will adapt the program according to your needs and limitations.