90-day Emotionalfit Challenge WITH MHFN Method: In-Person Comprehensive Transformation Program for your Best Version

  • Personalized plan
  • Comprehensive Support: Coach, Nutritionist and Trainer
  • 6 coaching and nutrition sessions
  • Measurements and monitoring
  • Virtual3D app, weekly E-books and interactive community.

254.00 / Months For 3 Months


Guaranteed Results in the 90-day Emotionalfit Challenge for Your Best Version!

Embark on the 90-day challenge with Emotionalfit and discover a comprehensive transformation. Beyond achieving physical results, our approach includes fundamental principles of healthy nutrition and tools for personal well-being.

What will you achieve in 90 days?

1. Physical Transformation:

  •  Reduction of measurements and body fat.
  • Muscle toning and definition.

2. Mental and Emotional Well-being:

  •  Stress management and increased energy.
  • Improved mood and self-confidence.

3. Healthy Nutritional Habits:

  •  Learning fundamental principles of nutrition.
  •  Development of sustainable eating habits.

4. Personalized Accompaniment:

  • Constant dialogue with coach, nutritionist and trainer.
  • Routines adapted to your evolution and needs.

5. Time Efficiency:

  •  Only two days of physical training a week.
  • Sessions of 25 to 60 minutes for maximum effectiveness.

6. Community of Support:

  • Interact with other participants.
  • Share achievements, challenges and motivations.

7. Exclusive Content:

  •  Access to the Virtual3D App for nutritional control.
  •  Weekly e-books with tips, routines and recipes.

8. Private and Comfortable Environment:

  •  Single-person rooms and changing rooms.
  • Personalized attention in each session.

What's Included:

  • 24 Electrofitness or Personal Training Sessions (2 sessions per week).
  • 3 Coach Sessions (one every 30 days).
  • 6 Nutrition Sessions (one every 15 days).
  • 3 Sessions of Fold Measurement or Abdominal Testing, BMI Study, Follow-up with Photos.

Free Additional Content:

  • Virtual3D App (Extend your training days and nutritional control).
  • 12 Weekly E-books (Tips, Routines, Recipes).
  • Guide “Change your Habits, Improve your Life”.
  • Interactive Community, Challenges and Achievements with Gifts and Offers.


  •  90 days.
  • Three payments every 4 weeks, for the amount that appears in the section.

Important notes:

  • Private and individual rooms for training, nutrition and coaching.


«Discover your Ikigai in Emocionalfit: Personalized Wellbeing, Emotional Fitness and Comprehensive Support»


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