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The MHFN Method: The Powerful 4-Component Formula That Redefines Health and Wellness. Perfect your physique, master stress and enjoy balanced nutrition.

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Ikigai Emotionalfit is more than a conventional gym: we are a comprehensive wellness center that fuses physical fitness, emotional nutrition and psychosports coaching. Our goal is to help you discover your maximum potential through a personalized and fun approach, accompanying you every step of the way.

The MHFN method

The powerful 4-component formula that redefines health and well-being. Perfect your physique, master stress and enjoy balanced nutrition.

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MHFN method

The MHFN Method is a revolutionary approach to comprehensive well-being, which fuses mindset work, the development of healthy habits, physical strengthening and conscious nutrition to transform your life and enhance your well-being in an effective and lasting way.


We work all muscle groups through EMS (Electromuscular Stimulation Technology). We simultaneously apply work methodologies such as weight loss and toning in the same session.

Personal training without biosuit

It has the same characteristics as electrofitness training, with the differentiation of not using the biosuit, maintaining personalization, maximizing time and results with our methodology.

Nutricion Consciente con Ikigai Emocionalfit


A holistic and personalized approach to emotional nutrition, which combines detailed assessment, dietary planning adapted to your needs, complementary therapeutic techniques and constant guidance to optimize your well-being.

Emotional nutrition

Our Conscious Eating is a comprehensive and personalized method that approaches nutrition from a holistic approach, combining a complete evaluation, adapted dietary plans and therapeutic techniques to improve your well-being at all levels.

Emotional and psychosports coaching

Emotional and Psychosports Training is our revolutionary approach to mental and emotional well-being that integrates personalized coaching techniques with sports psychology, providing the tools and motivation necessary to achieve your health and performance goals.

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