12M Virtual 3D Personal Training: Your Affordable and Personalized Routine

  • training routines
  • Personalized tracking
  • Virtual meetings with your coach
  • Guide to help you in your daily life
  • Chat with the specialist through the APP
  • Control of your progressphysical and nutritional sions.

60.00 / Months For 12 Months


Are you looking for personalized and affordable training, guided by a personal trainer?

Stop searching! We introduce you 12 Months VIRTUAL 3D, a revolutionary proposal to make your training more accessible than ever. Train anywhere through your devices.

Our routines, presented in intuitive and easy-to-use 3D, are designed by our trainers or through high-quality videos according to your goals and physical conditions. They are dynamic, intense and 100% individualized.


Featured Features:

1. Interactive Community:

  •  Participate in challenges and achievements with great gifts and offers.
  •  Enjoy personalized music for your routines through our Spotify playlists and YouTube Music channel, and much more!

2. Training Routines:

  • Receive personalized weekly routines based on your goals, physical conditions and preferences.
  • Detailed exercises, series and repetitions, guided by your virtual trainer through OUR 3D VIRTUAL APP.
  •  Minimum material needed at home: dumbbells, elastic bands, step or bench, mini elastic bands.

3. Virtual Meetings with the Trainer:

  •  Virtual meeting every 4 weeks to adjust your action plan.
  •  Questions and answers to clarify doubts.

4. Chat with the Specialist:

  •  Private chat through the APP for nutrition and training questions.
  •  Join our interactive community to share achievements and challenges, with amazing gifts and offers!

5. Guide to Daily Success:

  •  Receive a guide along with your first routine to incorporate healthy habits, tricks, tips and recipes.

6. Control of Nutritional Progressions:

  • Access to the nutritional part of the APP to self-manage and control your progressions.

 7. Duration:

  •  12 month plan.
  •  With Payments every 4 weeks of work.

Don't wait any longer to unlock the best version of yourself! "There is no impossible body, only incapable mind." Join now and experience the change. Your well-being is just a click away!


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