Emocionalfit DIET/ONLINE: Personalized Nutrition to Achieve Your Goals

  • Complete nutritional routine
  • Virtual meeting with your nutritionist
  • Personalized monitoring and control of your progressions
  • Guide to help you change habits

50.00 / Months


Duration and Content of Nutritional Routines:

The duration of our nutritional routines covers a period of 4 weeks. To maximize your achievements, we recommend continuing with the renewals after the initial 4 weeks have ended.


What Do Our Routines Include?

Each nutritional routine includes a complete plan detailing all the meals for a duration of 7 days, which you will repeat over 4 weeks.

In addition, you will have an exclusive session with our nutritionists to address your needs and questions during the month. The session will be scheduled at the beginning of the package and has a maximum duration of 40 minutes.

We know that incorporating habits into your daily routine can be challenging, so with your first routine, you will receive a guide with tips and new habits to facilitate change and learning in your daily life.

Supplementation is optional and is adjusted according to your goals and needs. Our nutritionists will advise you on the products and how to consume them, in case you want to include them in your plan.

We make plans adapted for vegetarian diets. We make plans for vegan diets. We create plans for pregnant women with prior medical approval.


What Do Routines and Renewals Consist of?

When purchasing your routine, you will receive a payment confirmation screen. We will send you a questionnaire to collect all the necessary information and personalize your routine.

Once you complete the questionnaire and activate your profile, you will receive your nutritional routine within 5 business days.

With each renewal, we will move towards your goals. We will make the necessary adaptations to your nutritional routine through questionnaires that will evaluate your progress, sensations and preferences, adjusting your plan according to your changing needs.

By obtaining this valuable information, we will implement the necessary modifications to ensure that you continue to move towards your goals effectively.


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